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Thursday, May 29, 2003

Forbes: Digital Rules - Decade of Disruption - First, the PC Boom: PC Boom, Act I was not too disruptive. It mostly was cute and additive ... But!...PC Boom, Act II, which began in late 1986, turned out to be anything but cute. It was a serial killer. Desktop publishing wiped out typesetting shops. Computer-aided design squashed draftsmen's careers . Then, the Net Boom: Net Boom, Act II is just getting started ... and it also will be a serial killer (via VentureBlog).

This kid is unbelievable. Who says Lebron James is the NEXT one? Check out Mark Walker, a 3 1/2 year old that can hit 18 straight shots on an 8 foot hoop (with a full-size ball). My son is 3 1/2 and I'm not sure he can dunk a nerf ball 18 straight times on a hoop that is 3 feet tall (via Trader Mike).

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

A couple good posts at the always active VentureBlog: It Sounds So 1999 and Google As Navigation

Monday, May 19, 2003

New York Times: Dating a Blogger, Reading All About It - I was interviewed for this article but based on the direction of the article I'm glad I wasn't mentioned. The writer, Warren St. John, relayed stories from bloggers who draw from their personal experiences — and often the personal experiences of relatives, friends and colleagues — to create a kind of memoir in motion that details breakups and work and family issues with sometimes startling candor.. Warren talked with me about my post from 4 months ago documenting the stillborn birth of my daughter. When you read the article, however, you'll see that there really was no place to discuss a sensitive post like the one I had among accounts of blogging about one's friends or dating relationships. I'll admit, it was interesting to speak with a New York Times reporter but I appreciate the fact that he didn't force our discussion into his article where it wouldn't fit.

Monday, May 12, 2003

Forbes: All Eyes on Google - Yes, yet another Google story. Why do I, and some many other bloggers and news sites for that matter, continue to hype Google? Because we're enamored by their success. I love reading about business success stories. Even better is when they are consumer technology success stories. The article doesn't tell anything that hasn't been said before ... rather it just adds to the pressure of Google soon going public and also, introduces the Google versus Microsoft showdown, comparing it to the Netscape versus Microsoft of a few years ago. We all know how that battled ended. As the article reports: The Google guys profess to be unfazed. They have assiduously avoided the sins of Netscape, which belligerently jeered at Microsoft's efforts to build a Web browser. "Netscape mooned the giant," says one Google exec .... I love that line. Although brimming with confidence it doesn't appear that Google is resting on their laurels. I sure hope not. I can tell you, just like I was disappointed to see Netscape fall to Microsoft, I'd be extremely disapointed if a few years from now Microsoft owned the term "search" like they now own the word "browser".

Friday, May 09, 2003

Dough!! On Wednesday my stop-market order on NVDA tripped. I had owned it for 5 weeks and was sitting on a 22% gain. I didn't want to see the gain disappear so I set my trailing sell order pretty tight. Fast forward two days to today and read this headline: Nvidia shares jump 25% on growth outlook. Dough!! I know I should be happy with a 22% return in 5 weeks but it's amazing how greedy one can be (that 22% would be almost 60% if I was still holding on the stock). The unrealistic mindset of the trader: even though it rarely happens, and if it does, it's purely lucky, we expect to buy at the bottom and to sell at the top. The counterbalancing reality: if you learn to take your money off the table and occasionally lock in the profits ... there's always a next time.

As an avid Michigan hoops fan, I agree with Mitch: Wrong folks paying for Michigan's past sins.

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Startup Journal: Unexpected Lessons From a B-School Confab - Perhaps the real value of this conference for me was to finally realize that when it comes to being a success, there's often no secret recipe after all. (via Corante).

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

The music industry may never be the same: Apple sells over 1 million songs in the first week

Friday, May 02, 2003

VentureBlog: 4 Keys To Google's Success - Notes taken about a presentation made by Google's General Counsel, David Drummend. Drummond pointed to 4 factors as the key to Google's success:

1) Technology
2) Business Model Innovation
3) Brand
4) Focus on The User Experience

Not exactly earth-shattering but then again, things that work, typically aren't. They typically just do a better job than anyone else at following time-honored truths.

For us marketers, David made an important point, similar to one I've communicated before: Even brand, which can be prohibitively expensive to develop ahead of customer traction, will likely follow product leadership. Want a strong brand? You need a strong product.