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Friday, August 22, 2003

What should Google Do?
Fast Company Now: I haven't read it yet but I just downloaded the What Should Google Do PDF. It was put together by Seth Godin and posted at Fast Company Now.

Fast Company Now
Too many blogs to follow. I've had a hard time lately keeping up on all the news and blog sites I'd like to follow. Now I need to add the Fast Company Now blog to my list.

Friday, August 15, 2003

The eBay Economy
Business Week: The eBay Economy - The company is not just a wildly successful startup. It has invented a whole new business world. How can you not like eBay?? I'd have to say that it's the tech company I admire the most (followed closely by Google and then Amazon). Anyway, I read this article at Barnes and Noble last night. One section talks about how it takes six months for managers to adjust to the democratic regime that governs eBay. Managers are used to dictating, driving, selling,etc. but instead, they quickly learn that at eBay, management is all about "listening, adapting and enabling." The company is almost literally run by the community ... or, said another way, the customer. What a great business model.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

A Better Way for Businesses to Blog
Business 2.0 - Rafe Needleman writes about A Better Way for Businesses to Blog in his latest What's Next column. The article profiles Traction Software, a leader in enterprise weblog software. The big difference between Traction and Blogger? Security. Access is permission based (by individual or group).