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Friday, December 12, 2003

Reinventing Email
bBlog recently provided a linke to the Remail Website - a site put together by the “The Collaborative User Experience (CUE) team at IBM Research who has spent nearly a decade studying email. The site illustrates a prototype email client called "Remail" that incorporates all the features and functionality that the research team feels would make for the ideal client application.

Personally, I've long believed that the email/calendaring/chat client is the single-most important application in business. And I believe that because I think how one manages their "InBox" plays a critical role in how effective they perform their job (in the professional, office setting, that is). Because most jobs, when you boil them down, are about communication and task management. If you communicate effectively, follow-up and promptly reply when others communicate to you, and then prioritize and manage your tasks (many of which are communicatoin oriented), you will be an effective worker. Now obviously much of that is predicated on discipline and organization (personal traits), but technology also plays a key role in assisting in this effort.

The Remail prototype client addresses many of the deficiencies in today's email clients. Probably the best feature of the prototype is the tight integration between the email inbox, calendar, chat/instant message and news/blog feeds. Simply stated: "By providing a single point of notification, we allow users to live in their in-box. "

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Early New Years Resolution
Get back to regular blogging again. For those few readers that still stop by here occasionally - sorry for the lack of posts.