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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

VentureBlog: What I Want From The Next Generation of the Web
Great piece on VentureBlog about Web 2.0. So what do I hope for from Web 2.0? What do I want to invest in? Technology that actually reduces the technology footprint in my life. Applications that result in a net increase in productivity. And most importantly, technology that enables me to strengthen interpersonal and family relationships. The point about strengthening interpersonal and family relationships is interesting. Earlier in the entry Martin writes "E-bay let me buy a DVD from someone in Florida. The next generation should allow me to borrow the DVD from my neighbor.. As a self-professed "geek" it sounds like Martin is more consumed than the average Joe with getting all his technologies and gadgets to work and play well together. For me, personally, I can definitely say technology has made me more productive AND it's increased my family relationships. The main examples of that for me in the last few years are: my Palm Pilot, iMovie and my wireless laptop at work. My Palm has become invaluable when away from my desk or at home to keep track of everything meetings, contacts, memos, etc. iMovie has allowed me to create some memorable Mother's Day videos and vacation highlight compilations that have been a hit with the family. And my wireless laptop allows me to be connected to the network at all times, making meetings more productive and allowing me to freely roam around the office rather than be tethered to my desk. All that being said, I look forward to Web 2.0 and future technology enhancements that can increase productivity even more or allow me to connect better with family and friends.